How to have a conversation with God

Talking to God is as easy as talking to a friend but listing to him can be more difficult when you don’t know what to listen for. Reading "The Freedom Diaries" and "11 Days" by Mark Holloway really helped to open up my mind and made me realize there was something more to being a Christian than I had been taught. But in the end, it simply came down to pausing for a minute in my busy life and saying, “Hey God,” what He says next depends on the person asking. He already knows more about us than we do, but I can say that learning to have a back-and-forth conversation with God has changed my life. 

You write your question to God, then write his answer back to you in faith. You don’t wait for his answer to come, you just start writing and expect him to give you the words as you write. It sounds crazy we know, but if 63,247 of you try this, pretty soon you’ll know you’re hearing God. It will overwhelm you that he is prepared to talk this way, so personally and so specifically about your stuff, no matter what your life is like. Which is of course, what he’s always been like – prepared to make himself a little lower than the angels that he might talk with us and heal our wounds. 
THESE ARE THE SIMPLE STEPS: Write your question to God E.g. “God what are you saying about my job?” Then it seems to help boost your faith when you are first learning this process, to write the beginning of his answer, E.g. “Steve, what I’m saying to you about your job is...” Then keep writing, expecting God to put the words of his answer into your mind. This is not what the occult call automatic writing, you’ve still got full control of your pen, just like the writers of the scriptures did when God put his words into their minds. Writing the start of God’s sentence might seem a bit contrived but many find it gets their faith moving and allows God to speak. If you think you’re making your answer up, then remember this is a conversation. In a conversation you’re allowed to push the other for a clearer answer. So, if you’re not sure if you heard God right, then write that down as your next question to God. E.g. “God, I think I’m making this up." Then write the start of his answer E.g. “Steve, you want to know if you’re making this up, what I’m saying about that is...” Then write what comes into your mind – and so on – on and on, back and forth until you’re sure you’ve heard him. 
Jesus made it clear that this effort would be required in Luke 11:9. He said we’d need to ask and keep on asking.


Excerpt used with permission from:
"How To Have A Back And Forth Conversation With God"
by Mark and Miriam Holloway 


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