How this all started – David’s Story

God Speaks Back started for me, many years ago. In fact, it really started before I was even aware of it. It is a story. A story that is being told from before the beginning of time and will continue to be told when time finishes. It is a story not only about good versus evil, but relationship versus rules. It is about a God, THE God, creator of the universe, who wants to not only speak to those He created, but created them so they could speak to Him. So He could have relationship with them – with us – with you – with me, a love relationship, and we could have a love relationship with Him.

So I have, and am, realising that this God has been calling me, from even before I could recognise His voice. He’s been calling me because He just wants to talk. He wants to get to know me. My dreams, my aspirations, my ideas, my desires. He want to know what they are so He can be involved in guiding me, helping me, encouraging me in those things. Whenever I have felt that I have been talking to Him or calling out to Him, I am starting to realise now, that He is talking to ME and calling out to ME first. I am beginning to be involved in His story and He so wants that. He gets so excited about that.

So now it is a case of me talking to God and, yes you guessed it, God Speaks Back. There’s no lag, no waiting, no having to guess. God actually answers my questions, speaks into my situations and tells me what He really thinks of me. The Truth, not some lie I’ve been lead to believe or been told. He really does think I’m amazing. He really does think that I’m awesome. He so loves us. His written Word, the Bible, says that He rides across the heavens to help us. That He’ll never leave us or forsake us. That He will answer if we call out to Him. That is the God I’ve always wanted to believe in and now I do!

So now I’m having conversations with God and felt that He wanted me to make these t-shirts. That maybe if you wear them they may help others to catch a glimpse of what I believe God wants to say to them and maybe they will want to talk back and join in that conversation.

This whole idea started while I was having a conversation with God. I felt that He wanted me to know that He is a God who is for me, not against me. That He thinks the best of me and so wants to speak to me, all the time. That He really does think that I am awesome and amazing, that’s how He views me.

I felt that this truth, that religion has missed so badly, was not only for me but everyone and I wondered how to best convey those ideas to others. The thought of t shirts that have that written on them came to mind. I thought that “I know this” so I want the message to be written, so that whoever is reading, gets the words ‘spoken’ to them. They get to see the message and ‘hear’ the truth, God speaking to them telling them who they really are.

I also felt to call this whole adventure “God Speaks Back” because He really does. All we need to do is talk to him and He WILL answer us. I write down my conversations and God Speaks Back straight away. I believe He wants to do that for everyone.


How I got involved – Alicia’s Story

The idea of running a small business was always a little daunting to me but when my dad came to me with the idea for ‘God Speaks Back’ which he believed came from God I was super excited to take on the challenge. 

In 2021 I really began to learn how to have a back-and-forth conversation with God and to realize just how much He wants to be a part of my everyday life. Starting a business was something I was always a bit interested in but way too afraid of. Knowing 100% that God has my back has given me the confidence to step out in faith. 

Since taking on the challenge of starting this business I have learned so much. There is a lot you don’t think about when you are just browsing someone else’s website that you must think about when you are gathering the info for your own. But I have enjoyed learning new things and can't wait to see where God takes this business.