We live in a beautiful world, and we want to help look after it so we are doing our best to keep the packaging of your order to a minimum and using repurposed and compostable packaging as much as possible. 

We use r3pack because they are a NZ Company who are producing sustainable packaging that works and also feels great.


About the Bags

The compostable bags are made with corn starch, PLA and PBAT. They are printed with non-toxic inks. 

The compostable bags are certified to comply with the International Standards for home and commercial composting.  EN13432 / AS4736 / AS5810


What to do with your Compostable Courier Bag

Your compostable bags can be used again in many ways. Reusing them is a great way to reduce waste. Some ideas to get you started are:

 - Turn them inside out and they can be used as a courier bag once more

- Weed matting

- Seedling bags

- Food waste bag 

Once it’s a bit worse for wear you can then either compost them at home or through a commercial composter.